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Top 5 Upper Body Exercises You Should Try At Home

No equipment movements that will help you build a stronger upper body

For your information, we've created a workout routine you can do at home, you should check it out: 5-Day Home Workout Routine

Training at home can make you stronger if you do it right. For some people it can feel boring and repetitive, but you can still be creative with your home workouts. In this article we will provide you upper body exercises that you can perform without any equipment.

Props and Cons of Working Out at Home

We've listed an extensive list of pros and cons of working out at home.

Overall, you will be using compound exercises, which will help you target more muscles that you wouldn't activate when using machines. However, it can feel difficult and repetitive if you're trying to isolate certain muscle groups such as arms or upper back.

You can build a strong body training at home. If there's a will, there's a way.

Top 5 At Home Upper Body Exercises

Not having any weights doesn't mean you can't get stronger. Have you seen calisthenics athletes? They are extremely strong.

We will help you build upper body coordination, strength and endurance with our top upper body exercises you can do at home.

At Home Upper Body Exercise 1: Dive Bomber Push Up

The Dive Bomber Push Up requires you to control the movement from top to bottom, allowing you to fire many muscle fibers in your chest, shoulders, arms and back.

At Home Upper Body Exercise 2: Supine Push Up

The Supine Push Up will help you target all the stabilizer muscles in your shoulders, upper back and arms. Try to add a 1 second pause at the top to help you activate all the right areas.

At Home Upper Body Exercise 3: Floor Tricep Dip

Everyday is arm day right? Well the Floor Tricep Dip will help you build strong and stable triceps and shoulders. Keep your core tight during the entire duration of the movement.

At Home Upper Body Exercise 4: Knee Plyo Push Up

The Knee Plyo Push Up is a great plyometric exercise that will make your chest, arms and wrists stronger. It will also improve your coordination. Make sure to spread your fingers are wide as possible in order to have a good grip of the ground.

At Home Upper Body Exercise 5: Reverse Snow Angel To Superman

The Reverse Snow Angel is a well known exercise to target your entire upper back, especially your lat muscles. Adding the Superman to the movement allows you to target your entire back. Don't hesitate to add a pause at the end of each movement to feel your muscles fire even more.

In Summary

  • Working out at home can feel boring, but you need to be creative.
  • You can build a strong body training at home. If there's a will, there's a way.
  • Try our top pick bodyweight exercises.

Some workout videos you can do at home:

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