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5 Common Gym Mistakes Most of Us Have Done Before

Starting out your fitness journey is not an easy task, but when you start seeing results, it becomes your lifestyle.

When we’re just starting, it can be tempting to jump right into things without knowing what our bodies need according to our body type, flexibility, and strength. That's where fitness trainers and coaches come in handy. They’ll help you start your training right.

For us to see results we need to be mindful of a few things.

Here are some of the most common training errors most of us have done before:

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1. Not working on mobility and flexibility issues

There's always a universal truth. When you don't address your mobility and flexibility issues as you continue with your training, you're inviting more issues than actually improving your body.

Check out these functional exercises to help you get better flexibility.

2. Too much theory, not enough execution

We get it. It's great to watch the fitness videos of your favorite fitness coach, but you have to put all this theory into practice.

If only we could build muscles by watching, it would be fun to watch fitness videos all day.

3. Rushing the reps

Quality is more important than speed and quantity.

Rushing the reps will only compromise your form and invite injury.

Check your form in the mirror while you do the reps to make sure you're doing them correctly.

Here's a very challenge HIIT workout you should try:

4. Cardio is the only way to burn more calories

Cardio is a great exercise, but remember, we also have to go through leg days.

In addition to cardio, there are other exercises that burn a lot of calories. A good example is strength training which can help boost your resting metabolism. You can try combining your workout routine with a healthy diet and strength training to boost your fat loss.

5. Not focusing on quality food

Nutrition should be the backbone of your fitness journey.

Having the right nutrition will help your body recover from the stress of your training and store up nutrients to rebuild your muscles. Be sure to eat plenty of high-protein foods such as whole eggs.


It's normal to make training errors at the beginning of our fitness journey, and as we train more, we learn we get better.

For us to get the best results from our fitness training, we need to remember these things:

  • Work on mobility and flexibility issues.
  • Follow the exercises in the fitness videos you watch.
  • Quality reps are better than rushing it.
  • Combining cardio and strength training has a greater effect than just doing one of them.
  • Focus on quality food.
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