6 Reasons Women Should Lift Weights

Discover The Benefits Of Weight Lifting For Women

Most women are scared to lift weights, because they don't want to become bulky or masculine. Working out don't make you bulky, bad nutrition will make you bulky. This is one of the main misconceptions of women's fitness. Lifting weights make women get a fit body, neither bulky nor masculine. So, instead of working out, women spend hours doing aerobic exercise in order to burn fat, but they never obtain their dream body.

Women don't want to look like female bodybuilders and it is understandable. However, these kinds of bodies are not reachable for a woman who lift weights. Female bodybuilders use anabolic steroid in order to obtain this size.
The hormone testosterone is responsible for large increases in muscle mass. Compared to men, women's testosterone levels are too low to get bulky from lifting weights.
Gymaholic gives you 6 reasons women should do resistance trainings.

Every woman want to "tone" their body, but what toning actually means? Having a toned body is the process of getting strong muscles (strong doesn't mean big) combined with a low body fat.
The women's idea of the perfect body has changed over the time; starting from women with curves, then women with skinny body and now ladies want the shaped body. Nowadays, getting in shape is one of the thing that most women want.
Women who lift weights are able to obtain lean and toned muscles. Indeed, exercising will allow you to shape your arms or even get a bigger butt.
So don't be scared of going into the weight room anymore, it must become your second home!

While you are working out, you're mainly damaging muscle tissues but you are also burning calories. This is why certain person will do shorter workouts with less rest period between sets; so they can burn more calories than usual.
Building muscle mass also increases your metabolism. A boosted metabolism means burning more calories. Thus, when a fit person is resting, he would be able to burn more fat than someone who does not exercise.
Magic, isn't it?

Lifting weights allow your body to become tough and powerful. The body also delivers oxygen to your cardiovascular system, so you will have more endurance to perform your daily tasks. In conclusion, you will have more energy throughout the day and you will feel less tired at the end of the day.

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Are you feeling overwhelmed at work, at college or by life in general? Come in the weight room and everything will become much simpler and you will feel less stressed. Research has shown that people who regularly do weight trainings, tend to manage stress better than sedentary people.

Have you ever felt great after a workout? Over the paster years, we have learned a lot of benefits of lifting weights on our bodies. Studies have shown that people who practice weight lifting are less likely to have heart diseases.
Women who practice strength training reduce the risk of health diseases such as:

  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Arthritis
  • Depression

As we grow up, bone health become more and more important. Along with calcium, vitamin D and other bone support micronutrients, weight lifting can increase bone density. In order to avoid osteoporosis (bone density loss, which can lead to fracture), women should lift weight in order to increase bone density in their body.

This article 6 Reasons Women Should Lift Weights is giving several benefits from lifting weights.Here is a summary of what we've just learned:

  • Lifting weights will help you build a shaped body.
  • Looking bulky is mainly caused by your nutrition, so take care of it.
  • You won't look masculine like women in bodybuilding competition.
  • Lifting weights help you burn fat.
  • It helps you get more energy through the day.
  • You will manage stress better.
  • It reduces risk of health diseases.
  • Weight lifting helps you build stronger bones!

Get it done!

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