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Top 5 Leg Exercises You Should Try At Home

No equipment movements to help you build a strong lower body

Working out at home can be beneficial if you do it right. In this article we will provide you lower body exercises that you can perform without any equipment.

Benefits of Working Out at Home

Training at home will help target a wide range of muscle groups. You will be using compound exercises that will require you to improve your mobility since you won't be able to rely on machines.

Being athletic is not just about how heavy you can lift, but how well you perform movements with the right form. This requires balance, coordination, strength, endurance... Our gyms might be closed for the next couple months, let's accept it and find ways to work out your body differently.

Working out at home has many benefits that we've listed here: How To Work Out At Home

The gym is closed, let's accept it and focus on different types of training.

Disadvantages of Working Out at Home

The main drawback of training at home is the lack of mechanical tension (weight). Less mechanical tension means it will take you longer to get your muscles close failure.

At the gym, you would be able to do a set of squats for 5 reps with a weight at 85% of your 1RM (one rep max) and be close to failure. This would take you less than 30 seconds to perform. However, now you don't have a weight on your shoulders, so it would take you longer to bring your muscle fibers to this level of effort. It doesn't mean it's impossible.

Therefore, if you have any kind of weight (resistance band, dumbbells, chair...) at home, you should probably use them.

You can build muscle at home, even though you lack mechanical tension.

Top 5 At Home Leg Exercises

Even though we don't have any weights, we strongly believe you can build better balance, coordination and endurance with our top bodyweight exercises:

At Home Leg Exercise 1: Jump Squat Twist

You must be pretty familiar with the squat, but adding the jump and the twist will help you work on your coordination, feet and ankle mobility.

At Home Leg Exercise 2: Alternate Single Leg Glute Bridge

The glute bridge is a must-have if you want to build strong glutes. Making the movement using a single leg will help you build glute and hip flexor strength on both side and prevent having one weaker side than the other, which can cause a tight hip / lower back.

At Home Leg Exercise 3: Burpee

Everyone's favorite exercise, right? Joking aside, the burpee is a full body movement that primarily targets your legs, and will easily increase your heart rate.

At Home Leg Exercise 4: High Knee To Opposite Arm

A great plyometric exercise that will help you work on your cardio and coordination. It will also make you build strong obliques.

At Home Leg Exercise 5: Alternate Single Leg Toe Touch To Calf Raise

This movement will help you work on your balance while working your hamstrings, glutes and hip flexors.

In Summary

  • The gym is closed, let's accept it and focus on different types of training.
  • You can build muscle at home, even though you lack mechanical tension.
  • Try our top pick bodyweight exercises.

Some workout videos you can do at home:

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