The Best At-Home Exercises to Lose Weight

8 effective movements that make you burn a lot of calories

It may feel difficult to lose weight at home, but it's possible if you have the right nutrition and training plan.

An effective workout plan would include various exercises to help you target your body with different intensities.

High intensity exercises such as plyometrics, strength and speed movements are the ones that burn the most calories.

They have a higher MET (Metabolic Equivalent), which is the way to measure the intensity of a movement.

Here are 8 effective at-home exercises to help you lose weight:

The jump squat is a great plyometric exercise that will help you lower body strength and stamina.

The high knee to opposite arm is a very effective, low-impact movement that will easily keep your heart rate high.

The cross mountain climber will make you burn a lot of calories while helping you build a strong core.

The burpee srawl frog kick is a difficult, yet effective movement that will make your legs strong and mobile.

The bear crawl fire feet is a plank variation movement that will not only set your abs on fire, but will also make you build strong shoulders.

The jumping jack to alternate cross toe touch is a great exercise to help you build stamina and coordination.

The burpee tuck jump combines two intense plyometric movements into one exercise, which will help you build leg speed and power.

The shoulder tap is an effective way to spice up your planks and build shoulder strength and endurance.

Here's a low intensity at-home HIIT workout you should try:

Some workout videos you can do at home:

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