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Eat And Train According To Your Body Type

Knowing Your Body Type Is Key If You Want To Become Fit

When you're on your way to become fit, you often hear people talking about different nutrition plans and workout routines for unalike body types. Indeed, we have not been created equal; some people are naturally thin whereas others tend to store fat quickly.
With this article Eat And Train According To Your Body Type, you will understand what body type you are and how you should train and eat to become fit!

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Body types

One popular method of categorizing all the body types is called somatotypes: ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph. You must be able to recognize roughly your body type. Since the fitness industry has grown, we've noticed that three body types weren't accurate to classify people. Indeed, you may feel you belong to both of these body types; ecto-mesomorph for example.

Your genetics predispose you toward one of the three body types. However, in the history, we've been able to see bodybuilders and fitness models getting closer to a different body type than their originally one. Dedication into your training and your lifestyle means everything!
Gymaholic provides you some tips to help you eat and train according to your body type.

Characteristics Of An Ectomorph

He is naturally thin, small bone size, often characterized by a short upper body, long legs and arms, narrow feet and hands and tends to have very little fat storage. This individual usually has a small amount of a muscle mass and a high metabolism, which makes weight gain almost impossible.

Nutrition For An Ectomorph

The main goal of an ectomorph is gaining weight and this task is hard. He usually has a high metabolism, which helps turn foods into energy easily and quickly. If the ectomorph wants to build muscle, his goal will be to mainly increase his daily carbohydrate intake, as well as a higher caloric intake overall.
Recommended macronutrient ratio for an ectomorph who wants to build muscle:
Carbohydrate 50% - Protein 30% - Fat 20%

Training For An Ectomorph

The main goal of an ectomorph is building muscle mass (get toned). He won't have enough strength and endurance to do long training sessions.
During his short (45 minutes to 1 hour) training sessions, the ectomorph will have to:

  • Perform Compound Movements: it's what builds more muscle mass and increase the overall strength.
  • Lift Heavy: since the ectomorph needs strength, his goals will be to focus on moderate/heavy weights so he can perform 6 to 10 repetitions per set.
  • Reduce Cardio: cardio is an important part of his training. But he will have to reduce it in order to avoid burning too much calories. His goal is to gain weight, remember!?

Characteristics Of A Mesomorph

The mesomorph has a solid muscle structure and large bones; large chest, long torso, low waist and great strength. He usually has a high metabolism, not as high as ectomorph; but a mesomorph's nutrition can also be high in calories as long as he stays active. This body type is often considered as the "good genetics" and people tend to say that every person should strive to look like a mesomorph.

Nutrition For A Mesomorph

A mesomorph tends to turn food into muscle really easily, so they need high amount of protein, but a caloric intake less important than an ectomorph. They can handle a moderate amount of carbs since, but if it becomes too high they will be more likely to store fat compared to an ectomorph.
Recommended macronutrient ratio for an mesomorph who wants to build muscle:
Carbohydrate 40% - Protein 40% - Fat 20%
Recommended macronutrient ratio for an mesomorph who wants to lose fat:
Carbohydrate 30% - Protein 40% - Fat 30%

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Training For A Mesomorph

Building muscle for a mesomorph is not a difficult task. However, he will have to include different types of exercises in order to develop proportion to his muscle mass, rather than getting just 'muscular'.
Whether the mesomorph wants to build muscle or lose fat, he should:

  • Mix Compound And Isolation Movements: put an emphasis on mass, quality, details and proportion. That's why the training of a mesomorph should be composed of both compound and isolation movements.
  • Moderate Session: since mesomorphs have more strength and energy, they can perform longer workouts than ectomorphs.
  • Moderate Cardio: cardio sessions should be included in the mesomorph's workout routine, even if he is bulking. The number of sessions should vary between 1 to 4, depending on his fitness goals.

Characteristics Of An Endomorph

The endormorph is usually round and has a soft musculature; round face, wide hips, shot neck and heavy fat storage. Endormorphs have a slow metabolism, so they need to watch what they eat in order to get fit. An endomorph should aim for a moderate caloric intake and add cardio exercises and weight lifting so he can burn more calories and boost his metabolism.

Nutrition For An Endomorph

An endormorph often has a slow metabolism and have a greater amount of fat cells. Endormorphs can build a lot of muscle, but they will have to watch what they eat in order to keep their body lean. In that case, carbohydrates should be limited, whether it's for building muscle or lose fat.
Recommended macronutrient ratio for an endomorph who wants to build muscle:
Carbohydrate 30% - Protein 50% - Fat 20%
Recommended macronutrient ratio for an endomorph who wants to lose fat:
Carbohydrate 20% - Protein 50% - Fat 30%

Training For An Endomorph

Building mass for an endomorph is not very difficult neither. He will have to be concerned with weight loss, this is why he should be dedicated into his diet and workouts, which will help him achieve this goal.
Whether the endomorph wants to build muscle or lose fat, he should:

  • Compound Movements With Short Rest: adding compound movements is key to an endomorph, since these exercises tend to be build more muscle mass and burn more calories. In addition, short rest between sets, which also help to burn more calories.
  • Rep Range And Superset: the rep range for an endomorph should be between 8 and 15 repetitions. During his training, an endomorph should also include supersets: do two different exercises in a row (bench press - pull ups), it also helps burning more calories.
  • High Amount Of Cardio Trainings: if the endormorph has to lose a lot of weight, cardio will be the core of his routine; along with a few weight trainings. Weight loss is mainly caused by their nutrition, cardio only helps them burning extra calories so they can be in caloric deficit.

In Conclusion

This article; Eat And Train According To Your Body Type gave you some tips in order to help you eat and train the right way!
Let's summarize what we've just learned:

  • It exists three main body types: ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph.
  • Your genetics predispose you toward one body type.
  • Dedication on your training and your lifestyle can get you closer another body type.
  • Nutrition and workouts should change according to your body type and fitness goals.
  • Ectomorph: high metabolism, naturally thin, has a hard time building mass.
  • Mesomorph: moderate metabolism, usually considered as "good genetics", can build lean muscle mass easily.
  • Endomorph: slow metabolism, usually round and has a soft musculature.
  • No matter what body type you have: hard work and consistency means everything

Eat and train according to your body type!

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