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The Benefits of EMOM Workouts and How to Do Them

Many training techniques are designed to increase your fitness level, and one of them is called EMOM or Every Minute On the Minute.

EMOM workouts are one of the most efficient and enjoyable forms of exercise. It allows you to keep moving and constantly challenge yourself without losing time in-between sets.

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What is EMOM?

EMOM is a type of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout that uses bursts of intense physical activities with small amounts of recovery periods.

It is designed to challenge your training capacity and your performance by doing a target number of repetitions in 1 minute. The key is to perform your target reps before the minute is over and use the remaining seconds for rest and prepare yourself for the next exercises. This process is repeated throughout your session.


EMOM is highly customizable. You can easily take your favourite exercises and incorporate them into your EMOM routine based on your target muscle groups and fitness goals.

There are no rules to follow. You can switch or mix things up to keep you engaged in your exercise session. For example, you can do push-ups in the first minute then do bodyweight squats in the second minute.

EMOM is a less structured regimen that focuses on your ability to accomplish exercises based on your speed and ability to manage fatigue.

Burns fats

Just like the traditional HIIT exercises, EMOM increases your metabolism and makes your body to use tons of calories in a short amount of time, which can help you with your fat loss.

An optimal EMOM workout can effectively make you burn calories at a higher rate throughout the day after finishing your training.

EMOM is an effective weight loss regimen as it helps you gain lean mass and help you burn a lot of calories

Improves strength

EMOM workouts tend to push you to the limit, which allows you to recruit as many muscle fibers as possible. This can help you increase your strength as you progress with your training.

EMOM builds both mental and physical strength by continuously challenging yourself throughout the workout

Trains power

You can customize your EMOM workout based on your target goals. EMOM also allows you to increase your power by taking advantage of shorter recovery periods and high-velocity exercises.

EMOM can train your body for explosive activities by constantly challenging you in a velocity-dependent exercise routine

Builds endurance

EMOM training allows your body to adapt to high-intensity activities for an extended amount of time until you complete your set, which increases muscle and cardiovascular endurance over time.

EMOM workout can also be effective in improving cardio and metabolic factors such as blood pressure and heart rate

Convenient and time efficient

A EMOM workout is simple and sophisticated. You can create a typical EMOM routine that can last for only 10 to 20 minutes and achieve your target fitness goals. It is a perfect type of workout if you have a busy schedule.

EMOM require little to no equipment and can be done almost anywhere you want

Examples of EMOM workout

Remember that EMOM workouts are highly customizable and can vary depending on your target goals. For example, if you are low on energy and quickly fatigue your muscles, you can alternate exercises for two different muscle groups.

You can progress these exercises by adding weights or increasing your reps as the routine gets easier. The sooner you finish each set, the more time you have to rest and prepare for the next set.

Beginner-friendly full body workout (12 minutes)

  • Minute 1: 10-15 bodyweight squats
  • Minute 2: 8-12 Push ups or kneeling push ups
  • Minute 3: 10-15 Mountain climber
  • Minute 4: 10-15 Bicycle crunches
  • (Repeat until you complete a 12 minute workout)

Cardio routine (12 minutes)

  • Minute 1: 20 High Knees
  • Minute 2: 10 Burpees
  • Minute 3: 10 Skater jump
  • Minute 4: 10 Jumping jack squats
  • (Repeat until you complete a 12 minute workout)

Advanced calisthenics routine (12 minutes)

  • Minute 1: 10-12 burpees
  • Minute 2: 10-15 incline push ups
  • Minute 3: 8-15 pull ups
  • (Repeat until you complete a 9 minute workout)

Hypertrophy routine (12 minutes)

  • Minute 1: 8 back squats
  • Minute 2: 8 weighted pull ups
  • Minute 3: 8 push press
  • (Repeat until you complete a 12 minute workout)

Take away

Every Minute On The Minute (EMOM) has various benefits that can make your training routine more exciting and enjoyable.

Remember not to overuse EMOM, once or twice a week should be enough. Gradually adjust the intensity of each workout based on your current fitness level.

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