Fitness Terms Only Used In The Gym

All The Gym Terms You Need To Survive In This Community

Whether you just started your fitness journey or you're already in a good shape, you need to know gym terms if you want to survive in this sport! We're part of a huge community, where people use tons of fitness terms and gym slangs in order to speak the same language (or simply make fun of each other).
Gymaholic gives you the ultimate fitness vocabulary you will ever need.

When you watch a bodybuilding video or get in the gym, it's very common to hear terms related to the fitness lifestyle. We are living a "different" lifestyle from "normal people", why not create an unalike dialect?
People use them all the time and you should too! (it seems to be anabolic...)

Take a piece of paper, and write them down.

Aesthetic : A word to describe someone with a beautiful body, which combines: size, symmetry, shape and condition.

Beast mode : This is when you're feeling more focused and stronger than usual; an energetic state of mind.

Brah/Bruh : A word designed to describe a male who lifts weights on a daily basis. But we're still wondering if men who don't train legs should be called "Brah".

Brahette : A female who comes in the gym to build a shaped body with weight lifting. If you lift 2 kg dumbbells, that doesn't count.

Broscience (BS): Word of mouth information shared by bodybuilders, which is not based on scientific evidences.

  • "Do high reps with low weights if you want to tone your muscles."

Broscientist : Someone who has a PhD in broscience; you can ask him anything, he will have the answer.

  • "To work your inner chest, do close-grip bench press. It worked for me, it will work for you!"

Chicken Legs : A bodybuilder who has a huge upper body but can barely stand on his own legs, because he skipped leg day since day 1.

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Do you even lift brah? : A rhetorical question you ask to someone who is trying to give you advice, but never actually spent time in the gym.

  • Him: "Your form is incorrect, your butt should touch the ground when you squat."
  • You: "Do you even lift brah?"

Fuark : A single word to describe an emotion, an excitement or when something great happens!

Gains : This word describes the whole lifestyle around building muscle and get into shape; eating healthy, lifting and avoid things that could slow down your progress.

  • " Let's go to the gym and make some gains!"

Gymaholic : Someone who spends his day thinking, eating, living about fitness. Even when he is in the gym, he is already thinking about his next workout.

Gym Talker : Someone who just come to the gym in order to talk. His job is to ruin your workout by talking to you while you're lifting. Or he is probably working his jaw...

Gym Creeper : You're a man or a woman lifting some heavy weights and you feel someone is watching you during your whole workout. That's a gym creep, he just came here to watch.

Roids / Juice : Other words to describe the most famous drug in fitness: anabolic steroids.

You've passed level 1 Gymaholic.

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