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The Different Types of Gym Goers & Workout Etiquette

The gym is a judgment-free zone. However, if you work out regularly, you certainly had the chance to see some wild things.

Let's take a look at the different types of gym goers, shall we?

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1. The starer

That person who is constantly staring at you, and you just can't figure out why. Is your form wrong? Do they want to use the equipment?

Whether they're hating on you or admiring your gains, try to stay calm and focused on your workout.. or just stare back!

2. The “I'm using every equipment"

This gym enthusiast loves to collect all the dumbbells at the gym and hops on 5 different machines.

They even leave their belongings to show that all the equipment is occupied. Try to give them a look that you'd want to use the other dumbbells scattered near them and they'd pick it up immediately.

3. The social butterfly

We all have that one friend who spends more time talking than exercising.

While it's fun to socialize at the gym, remember that you're there to achieve your physical and mental goals.

If you're too shy to even interrupt them, they'd talk you through your whole workout. Politely tell them that you'd prefer to listen to music or focus on your workout.

Here’s a 30-day dumbbell workout plan you should try:

4. The selfie master

If you didn't take a post-workout pump selfie, the workout didn't happen, right?

Be proud of your progress and show it to the world if you want to! However, make sure you're training for yourself, not just to please your fans.

5. The supportive gym buddy

The gymaholic who notices your gains and encourages you.

Let's hope there are more people like them to keep the gym a healthy place.


Going to the gym is an awesome experience. You achieve your fitness goals and you get to meet different types of gym goers. Some are funny, and some are a bit too wild. But remember to not take these things too seriously, and focus on your fitness goals instead.

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