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Protein Balls

We all have busy lives, and it’s very difficult to make good food choices when you’re short on time. Sometimes we even skip meals. Whether you’re studying, being a parent or work various jobs, eating healthy physically and mentally. In this video we’re making protein balls that are easy to make and transport. I personally like to do a big batch that I put in the freezer and consume throughout the week. They contain moderate protein, complex carbohydrates and good fats. I like to have them before or after my workouts. Macros per ball: - Calories: 158 kcals - Fat: 7.4g - Carbs: 14g - Protein: 8.9g The recipe for 8-10 balls: - rolled oats ½ cup - almond butter ½ cup - protein powder 2 scoops - cinnamon ½ tsp - raw honey ¼ cup - pumpkin seeds 1 tbs - coconut shreds 2 tbsp - almond milk 1 tsp (optional, at the end to make the paste sticky)

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