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Upper Body Home Workout Using a Resistance Band and Myo-Reps

This workout will set your upper body on fire. It will target your chest, back, shoulders and arms using a resistance band and myo-reps. Myo-reps are a specific rest-pause training technique that helps you increase training volume by using effective reps, light weights and short rest periods. Think of it as a drop set with a “longer” rest and without decreasing the weight. - Warm up set: first set x 10 reps (RPE 8) - Myo-rep sets: 4 sets x failure (RPE 10) RPE: Rate of Perceived Exertion, scale from 0 to 10 of how hard an activity is. For strength training: RPE 10 means 0 rep in reserve (failure), whereas RPE 8 means 2 reps in reserve. In this workout we will be using a resistance band, where RPE can be hard to determine. Therefore, adjust the number of reps accordingly. We will have 20 seconds between each set. The workout looks like: - Ex 1 x Set 1 x 10 reps - Rest x 20 s - Ex 1 x Set 2 x failure - Rest x 20 s - Ex 1 x Set 3 x failure - … - Ex 1 x Set 5 x failure - Then repeat this cycle for the following exercises

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