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Gymaholic TrainingAchieve your health and fitness goals with personalized workout and nutrition plans.

Start 2022 strong and make it the year when you finally achieve your fitness

goals! We designed the 30-Day Strong Start Fitness Challenge #SS30 to help you become more disciplined, eat healthier, and help you move, live and feel better. It includes daily workouts, recipes, and an exclusive community that will empower you to become the best version of yourself. By the end of it you will be confident in your ability to stay consistent, lose weight, build muscle and eat better… and these healthy habits last forever. What you can expect after SS30 🥗 Eat more, but better 📆 Adjust your training according to your schedule 📈 Be more consistent 💪 Feel better in your own skin 🧘‍ Understand the importance of recovery 💯 and more The 30-Day Fitness Challenge starts on Monday, January 17 and ends on February 15. What you get with SS30 ✔️ Daily challenging workouts (home/gym/dumbbell/bands) ✔️ Direct messaging to your fitness coaches to keep you accountable ✔️ Nutrition tips and recipes ✔️ An exclusive community of like-minded people ✔️ ️Reminders and tips to build healthy habits ✔️ ️Merch, posters and other 🎁 for the best transformations ✔️ And much more Join SS30 today and get a 20% discount! Check it on

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