5 Reasons Why Physical Attractiveness Matters

It might be politically correct to say that looks don’t matter, but let’s get real - physical attractiveness influences up to 95% of a person’s first impressions of you. Don’t believe me? Consider this . . .

Two guys walking into a bar. They’re both average looking, but you can tell that they treat their bodies differently. The first guy, Phil, is about twenty pounds (9 kgs) overweight, with most of that excess sitting around his waist and on his face. He’s got hunched shoulders and tends to look at the floor constantly. The other guy, Steve, looks and moves like an athlete. He carries himself proudly, with an erect spine and flared chest. You can instantly tell that this guy is the master of his body.

Phil has a problem meeting people’s gaze. He keeps his eyes down, which works easily with the hunched over direction of his head. In contrast, Steve confidently meets the eyes of whoever is present. He is also an easy and free smiler, in contrast to Phil, who seems to wear a continual scowl.

Now consider a third person in the bar – a woman, Sheree, who’s observing both guys make their entrance. She may not be interested in speaking to either of them either. But she is going to make an instant judgment about both of them – it’s human nature. And nine times out of ten she is going to dismiss Phil as a loser and put an ‘interesting’ over Steve.

What do we get from this scenario?

That physical attractiveness matters, especially as a first impression. We may try to convince ourselves that personality, sense of humour, intelligence and empathy are more important than how a person looks, but the raw truth of how we operate as humans is that we all use physical attractiveness as a filter. Phil may be far more interesting, kind and generous than Steve, but Sheree’s never going to discover any of that charm; she’s already dismissed him on account of how he looks!

In this article, we reveal 5 undeniable realities about why physical attractiveness matters – and 3 things you can do to become more attractive to the opposite sex.

Our sensual desire in another person starts with our eyes. We are drawn to people who we find physically attractive. This is as true for men as it is for women. They are naturally drawn to guys with flat stomachs, broad shoulders, a defined chest, and a tapered upper body. That’s why a person’s profile picture is so important when you enter the world of online dating. A woman may say that personality as shown through a person’s profile is the deciding factor, but she’s got to get to that profile first. And research has shown that the thing that determines whether a picture gets clicked is the physical attractiveness of the profile image.

Our raw sexual interest in another person is activated by physical attractiveness. It’s what gets our juices flowing, opening the door to the revealing of all of our other qualities. So, the more physically attractive we are, the more likely we are to make an initial connection with a woman.

The more physically attractive we are, the better we feel about ourselves. And the way others view and react to us is a direct reflection of how we view ourselves. Unless and until you develop the three selves - self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-awareness - you will never make any traction with members of the opposite sex. But with them, you will carry yourself more erectly, be able to look people in the eye, and feel able to talk to strangers.

Confidence in oneself is an extremely attractive quality that displays itself in your every action, movement, and expression. It is also a sexy quality that will make you instantly more noticed and noticeable.

Physical attractiveness is far more than just the genetic traits that you received from your parents.

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It includes the muscle-to-fat ratio of your body, the chubbiness of your cheeks, and the balance and coordination that you display. All of these are key indicators of your fitness, strength, health, and virility. These attributes are attractive to women. Researchers believe that this goes back to our evolutionary roots when strong, fit, powerful men were sought out to physically protect and provide for a woman.

There is a human tendency to associate the quality of physical attractiveness with other positive traits. Research tells us that people who are good looking are perceived to be more happy and to be more successful than less attractive people. They are also perceived to be more organized and self-disciplined. As a result, a woman will tend to assume that a physically attractive guy is more fulfilled, more happy and more successful than a less attractive guy even though she knows nothing about either of them.

Many women, either subconsciously or consciously, are looking to enter a relationship with a guy who is physically healthy, able to reproduce and of a compatible age and energy level as she is. The physical attractiveness of a guy, as indicated by the way he looks and how he comports himself, has been shown to act as a sort of gatekeeper to let in those who are possible and shut those who don’t make the grade. And once a guy makes it through the gate, the research shows that women tend to pursue relationships with guys who they find the most attractive.

#1: Exercise

The benefits of working out start on the inside and radiate outwards. The self-confidence, self-esteem and positive feelings will soon be accompanied by changes on your body. As a result, you will be able to mold your body into the shape and structure that is most appealing to the majority of women.

And what is that?

Well, it’s the classic ‘X’ shaped frame consisting of broad, capped shoulders, a narrow waist, and flaring thighs. Work to achieve that look, along with a decent but not over-the-top amount of lean muscle tissue. To do it, focus on exercises such as;

Here’s a workout plan that will help you be more attractive:

You’ve heard the phrase ‘you are what you eat’ your whole life. The reason it's stood the test of time is that it’s true. But with so much conflicting and confusing information on the subject, it’s hard to know where to get started. Here are 5 simple steps to eating right:

A smile lights up your face.

It draws your listeners in and welcomes them into your universe. In study after study, both men and women choose pictures of smilers as more attractive than non-smilers.

Being physically attractive is clearly a key factor in finding success with women and feeling great about ourselves. The good news is that physical attractiveness is not something we’re born with. We may not be able to change the shape of our nose, but we can alter the way our body looks and feels, how we carry and project ourselves and how we feel about who we are.

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