How to Eat Healthy on Vacation Without Missing Out

We all look forward to our end-of-year vacation. When December rolls around, we begin counting down the days until we can unplug and enjoy a well-earned break. The only problem is that we can feel as though we’re losing control of our fitness and diet routine when vacation time arrives.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. The good news is that you can continue to have incredible meals and experiences on vacation without derailing your health objectives. In this article, I provide tips on how to eat healthy on vacation and stick to your wellness goals.

If you've ever taken a vacation to an all-inclusive resort, you’re well aware of the temptations to break your wellness routine. The calories quickly mount up when you eat good dishes in excess every day and don't move around much. Instead of exercising and eating a trail mix snack as normal, you wind up overindulging in dessert while drinking a strawberry daiquiri. Next thing you know you’ve packed on half a dozen unwanted pounds.

Making healthy decisions will help you prevent unwelcome vacation weight gain while still allowing you to fully enjoy your vacation. Making the most of your holiday while maintaining your objectives requires making the correct dietary choices and being active. Here are 7 tips that will help you to eat healthy while on vacation without missing out.

Incorporate exercise whenever you can on holiday. It's not necessary to do a lot of heavy lifting during this session. Walk together or with some companions. Try to work out in the morning so you can spend the rest of the day engaging in activities, having fun, and enjoying food.

Choose an exercise that you can perform while on the go since it can be difficult to fit it into your travel schedule. HIIT exercises are an excellent option for a quick sweat session when traveling. A morning workout is ideal for high-intensity interval training since it can get your heart beating and your body burning fat in just 30 minutes.

You don’t have to deprive yourself to eat well when on vacation. Neither is it a matter of avoiding particular food categories. Making wise decisions and eating moderately are key.

Starting your meals with greens or fruit is a terrific idea. Although it seems quite straightforward, eating fruits and vegetables fill you up and prevent you from overindulging in fatty meals. You won't be as tempted to fill up on everything at the buffet because you won't be as hungry.

Keep in mind that your eyes are typically larger than your stomach. So don't stuff your plate too full. The likelihood is that you will consume the entire plate, even if you are no longer hungry. Remember, you can always go back for seconds if you are still hungry.

You're on vacation, so don't be scared to eat or drink. Just limit the sugar-laden beverages. They’re the calorie-killers that will pack on the pounds. Instead, go for mixers, such as soda or tonic.

Americans consume, on average, 200 extra calories per day solely from sugary beverages. That is four times as much as was consumed in 1965. A growing amount of research has found a connection between the obesity and diabetes epidemics and sugary drinks. One of the healthiest things you can do when on vacation to maintain your healthy nutrition plan is to opt for zero-calorie Coke, water, or tonic instead of sugary drinks.

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It’s really easy to get dehydrated when traveling. When you’re out of your standard routine, you can forget to hydrate and even mistake thirst for hunger. Proper hydration benefits your sleep, mood, and cognition. Bring a travel-friendly and portable water bottle on vacation so that you can fill up wherever you are. This helps you to stay hydrated on the go.

If you’re on vacation with friends or family, sharing food is a great experience. Instead of overindulging in everything you fancy on the menu, order a few different dishes and share the experience. This gives you a chance to try lots of foods without eating the whole thing yourself.

Here’s a workout plan you should try during the holidays:

On your first vacation day, visit a local market to stock up on healthy snacks. Choose things like dried fruit, seeds, and nuts that you can put in a backpack for the day. That way, you can have a snack whenever hunger strikes to help curb your appetite and give you a healthy boost of energy. Pre-plan healthy snacks for airport and travel days where healthy options are more likely to be limited.

It's quite acceptable to indulge while on vacation. You’re not expected to follow your normal exercise regimen, and your eating habits can be a little more lax. So, don't be hard on yourself if you don't stick to your wellness goals while you're on vacation. It's not the end of the world if you overindulge on a few occasions. Enjoy your vacation, try to eat healthfully, and keep moving.

Remember that your long-term fitness goals are precisely that: long-term. Don’t feel guilty about eating delicious vacation food. If you feel sluggish or bloated after your trip, don’t weigh yourself immediately. The scale will tell you what you already know. Instead, kickstart your healthy eating and get back to your workout schedule.

Enjoy that dessert while you're on vacation. Just remember to chew each bite thoroughly and that portion size matters. Keep moving whenever you can, and include exercise in your daily routine. To get to your next location, take the option to walk rather than take a cab.

You should use your vacation to unplug, think, and refresh. But there's no need to deviate from your commitment to a healthy diet. Enjoy your time off, and when you return to your familiar surroundings,hit the ground running as you hone in on your new year’s fitness goals. .

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Steve Theunissen is a freelance writer living in Tauranga, New Zealand. He is a former gym owner and personal trainer and is the author of six hardcopy books and more than a hundred ebooks on the topics of bodybuilding, fitness and fat loss. Steve also writes history books with a focus on the history of warfare. He is married and has two daughters.

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