Fact: How to make your Home Workouts More Effective

4 Tips to Challenge yourself At Home

Working out at home can feel repetitive and not challenging enough.

However, you can still build muscle and lose fat by training at home.

Here are 4 tips to help you make your home workouts more challenging:

Try decreasing your rest time to get more training volume in a shorter period of time.

It will also keep your heart rate high, which will make you burn more calories.

e.g. 30 seconds instead of 1 minute

If you’re used to train one muscle group per workout, try changing your routine by hitting multiple muscle groups per session.

e.g. Push (chest, shoulders, triceps)

Resistance bands can be as effective as free weights if you want to build muscle.

It’s affordable and easy to transport. You can also use them to add tension to your free-weight exercises.

A workout program you should try:

Adding tempo to your repetitions will not only make your workouts more challenging, but it will also help you improve technique and increase muscle endurance.

More info on lifting tempo.

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