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4 Tips to Eat Healthier

“You are what you eat” is a phrase mainly used to motivate you to look better.

However, we tend to forget that eating healthy also makes you feel good.

The problem is that eating better has a bad connotation with dieting and eating less, but that’s not correct.

In this article we will list 4 tips to help you eat healthier:

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Healthy snacks

1. Track what you eat

Tracking what you eat doesn't necessarily mean bringing your scale everywhere you go.

So you can understand what type of food make you feel heavy, bloated, tired, etc.

Take inventory of what you eat, it will help you find healthier substitutes.

2. Progress is progress, no matter how small

Switching your fries to a salad may seem to be a decision "too small to matter", but it matters in the long run.

For example, switching from simple carbohydrates like rice to complex carbohydrates like quinoa would make you feel full and would provide you more micronutrients (vitamins/minerals.)

The small healthy choices you do today will become big changes over time.

3. Make a grocery list

It's easy to get yourself lost in the grocery store, you end up purchasing ten items instead of two.

However, a grocery list along with food tracking will help you bring your nutrition to the next level.

Make a grocery list, so you can make better food decisions.

4. Try, fail, learn and adjust

We all fall off track once in a while, we're human beings, we make mistakes.

Nevertheless, we can be good at learning from them if want to.

Sometimes we don't stick to our nutrition plan simply because we're having a bad day, take that into consideration.

Don't feel guilty of falling off track, learn from your mistakes, and keep moving forward.

My experience with healthy eating

I've noticed a big difference in energy levels when I started eating healthier.

I make most of my meals at home, so it prevents me from having junk food cravings.

The goal is to find the balance that works for you.

As you get more active, it will become easier for you to balance healthy foods and cravings.

In summary

Today you might start with a healthier snack, but tomorrow it may be a meal and next week en entire day.

Aim for progress, not perfection.

Tips to eat healthier fact

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