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Exercises You Can Do At Home Without Equipment

When you're starting your fitness journey, you probably don't know how to use equipments at the gym, so you want to start small; in your living room. Home training can be a good alternative if you don't have the time to go to the gym. Whether you want to build muscle or lose fat, home exercises will help you achieve your goals. Working without equipments is not impossible and with this article Home workout routine guide, we will provide you exercises you must have in your routine.

You're a beginner and you're still wondering what exercise you can do at home. It exists several ways to work your muscle groups and it's important to hit your muscles from different angles in order to get the best results. Gymaholic provides you as much exercises as possible so you can perform great home workouts.

Sometimes you can be very busy and don't have the chance to get to the gym to get a good workout. So exercising at home can be a good solution.
Here are the common reasons why people don't go to the gym:

  • Too busy: you don't have the time to go to your gym because your workload of this week is higher than usual.
  • Too young: fitness enthusiasts become younger and younger. You may be 13-14 years old and your parents don't want to let you in.
  • Anxiety: you're scared of the weight room and you want to start your fitness journey without being judged. But keep in mind that people often don't judge others if they're willing to progress.
  • Gym is crowded: you can only get to the gym when it's crowded. It's like black Friday at every workout!
  • Home is gym: you have all the equipment necessary to get fit, why bother getting a gym membership!?

Working out at home without equipment, such as; squat challenges and summer challenges, can be very suitable for people who are getting started to fitness. A beginner is not used to put stress on his muscles, so starting with bodyweight exercises can be a good start. Plus, it helps build a certain balance required in order to lift weights in the gym.
However, the more advanced would get less results from working from home than in the gym.

When you're starting your fitness journey, you don't have to lift heavy weights to get results. Your body is not used to bodyweight movements, so you will get results fast; that's why 30 day challenges exist.
But someone who has been used to workout with weights at the gym (for more than 6 months) will feel like home workouts are not complete. Because you cannot target each muscle group like you want to, you often have to execute compound exercises that doesn't put enough stress on the part of the muscle you want.
Plus, there are some body parts that you won't be able to train properly: calves, forearms, traps.

When you're exercising in order to build muscle (get toned), you're breaking muscle fibers. When you eat and rest, your body will adapt, then recover and provide more muscle fibers in the area you trained; that's what we call muscle growth.
Since your body adapted to the training you did 2 days ago, if you do the same workout, with the same exercises, the same number of sets, the same number of reps and the same rest period; muscle growth will not happen. You body adapted to your training, so you have to put more stress on your muscles than the last workout you did. Otherwise you're not progressing and you just hit a plateau.
One of the best way to put more stress on a muscle is to increase the weight you lift. When your body lift heavier weights than the previous time, it breaks more muscle fibers, thus make your muscle grow.
More information about rep ranges, sets, rests and muscle growth.

Since you're exercising from home without equipments, it can be difficult to increase your bodyweight in order to put more stress on your muscle. So, if you can do push ups with your brother sitting on your back, go for it!
However, it exists different ways to shock the muscle and it can be very efficient for someone who is starting to get used to his home workout:

  • Add weights: like said earlier, try to add weights from what you can find at home. For example take a bag, put rice bags inside it and do push ups. Don't be scared to try things!
  • Vary you exercises: when you're getting more advanced, never do the same workout twice. Sometimes, only switching the order of the exercises can make a difference!
  • Change your rest period: if you're used to rest for 45 secs, try to rest only 30 secs, it will help you burn more calories and it will shock your muscles!
  • Home workout is still a workout: even if you're at home, it doesn't mean you doesn't have to be focused on your workout. Turn off your phone, put your favourite musics on and work your ass off!

During your workouts, you must aim for 4-5 exercises per workout with a number of 3-4 sets per exercise. Your number of reps can vary depending on the difficulty of the exercise, so we will keep a general rep range between 12-30 reps. If you're doing 30 reps easily, you should consider doing another exercise or add some kind of weights to the exercise; otherwise you will work muscle endurance instead of muscle growth.
You rest period must change according to your fitness goals. If your time period is short; your workout is short and you will burn more calories. So if your goal is to burn fat, aim for 30 secs rest between each sets. Otherwise, keep it between 45 sec and 1 min.

Full Body

  • Squat Jump: let's burn calories, build your legs and butt at the same time.
  • Jumping Jacks: time to make you sweat.
  • Burpees: you can never go wrong with burpees.


  • Push Ups: keep it simple. Build your chest with this basic exercise.
  • Elevated Push Ups: target your upper chest with some elevated push ups.
  • Wide Stance Push Ups: that's a chest killer.


  • Pull ups: if you have the equipment, go for it.
  • Contralateral Limb Raises: lower back to its finest.
  • Superman: get that lower back.


  • Crunch: a classic. Target your rectus abdominis with good old crunches.
  • Oblique To Crunch: who doesn't want that v-cut? Work your obliques.
  • Bicycle: build those abs.
  • Leg Raises: want these lower abs? It's time to work.
  • Plank: abs resistance is important, it will help you get better at other exercises. Aim for 1 min.
  • Side Plank: strengthen your obliques. Your goal is 1 min.

Legs & Butt

  • Squat: want to build big legs and butt? Doing squats will. Narrow-stance focuses on your quadriceps, while wide-stance builds your butt.
  • Deadlift: bodyweight deadlift is a must-have. Add it to strengthen your hamstrings, lower back and butt.
  • Lunge & Reverse Lunge: want to build legs? Go for lunges. Want to build butt? Go for reverse lunges.
  • Glute bridge: the butt-killer.
  • Wall Sit: it's burning right? Stay like this another minute.

Shoulders & Arms

  • Triceps Dips: take a chair or a bench and make these triceps burn.
  • Diamond Push Ups: this is a killer for your shoulders and triceps.
  • Triceps Kickback: grab something like a bottle of a water and perform this exercise, you must feel your triceps burning.
  • Biceps Curls: take the bag from your grocery store and start making some curls.
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